Up Close and Personal

Have you ever noticed the awkward dance among strangers on crowded, rush-hour trains? The diverting of eyes, the uncertain placement of hands, the overpowering scent of inexpensive cologne…minus the liplocking, it’s eerily similar to one of your middle school make-out sessions.

Stop to think about this for a moment—the CTA is probably the only place in the city where it’s acceptable to be within make-out range of complete strangers, and it’s not considered cheating. If you were at a club, for example, this scenario would look entirely different. All rules regarding personal space go out the window when you’re on public transit. There is no way possible that you could get your full two feet of personal space during rush hour. You’re lucky to get two inches, in fact. I can’t tell you how many times I have rode home with armpits in my face, especially armpits belonging to sweaty Cub fans who are on their way to Wrigley.

The awkward dance may get even more awkward if the expected 200,000 increase in ridership occurs. Let’s just hope your fellow passengers use breath mints.

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