The litter end…

Melange of litter flanking Ukrainian Village

Melange of litter flanking Ukrainian Village

The snow has finally melted. For now, at least, with the exception of a few dingy mounds that will hang out until May. I’m thrilled about not having to pull my best Kristi Yamaguchi moves to make it across the sheets of ice, however, I am not particularly thrilled to see what’s been hiding under the ice and snow for months: a barrage of litter.

It’s like a landfill sneezed all over the sidewalks and streets. The trash isn’t limited to my neighborhood, either. It’s everywhere.

kingcobraMingling with fall’s leftover leaves and dirt, I’ve seen the following: one glove, one scarf, Quarter Pounder box, beer cans, beer bottles, crumpled newspapers, newspapers in sleeves, styrofoam, spray can, plastic bags, coffee cups, cigarettes, cigarette packs, lighter, a tire,  rim (separate of the tire), bucket, plastic bottles, plastic bin, fast-food cups, discarded flyers and string cheese.

The best was, however, a computer hard drive. Seriously. You could probably up your RAM with its parts if you acted quickly enough. I can’t even imagine the computer’s journey to the sidewalk. Did some parents tell their kids that they had to give the computer away to a good family, one that owns a farm, only to abandon it on the sidewalk? Or did it accidentally fall out of someone’s pocket? Not sure.

And the dog poo is another story entirely. Ugh. Beware of where you walk.

The litter makes me so angry, I almost wish it’d snow again just so I wouldn’t have to look at it. Ok, I take that back. Isn’t there a Boy Scout troop that needs a street-cleaning badge?



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3 responses to “The litter end…

  1. Litter happens, if only we could all pitch in to pick it up 🙂

  2. Is the litter worse this year? It has to be the nastiest thing I have seen. It is like we are in New York. When is Daley going to clean? March?

    btw…when you commented on my blog you showed up as amberwrites but weren’t clickable. You have to go into your contact info and add your blog address into the “website” info. Then people can link to you from your comments. Yay?

  3. Weird! I just double-checked and our blog address ( does show up as the “website” info on our contact info.

    Just in case, I re-pasted our blog link.

    I truly do think that litter is getting worse. I was thinking about our State budget deficit this year as I drove down a freeway that looked like a junk yard, “we probably can’t afford to send people out to clean up these days”.

    That’s why I like what we’re doing. We try our best to help make the world a more beautiful place 🙂

    Happy Day,


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