Elvis is watching

I have a strange feeling that the King is following me.

Or maybe that the Ukrainian Village has a very serious Elvis fetish.

A few months ago, I wrote about the Elvis textile effigy located at the corner of Damen and Iowa. Recently, I noticed a new Elvis across the street from this Elvis, engaged in a staring contest. Does this block have the most Elvis fans per square capita or something? I can’t think of any other possibility for the dueling Elvises.

Original Elvis

Original Elvis

New Elvis on the block

New Elvis on the block

This is weird, right? So last night, my husband Joe and I went to Club Foot for a very romantic Valentine’s Day beer. I look up from our table only to see Elvis staring me in face, in memorabilia form.

Elvis snowglobe

Elvis snowglobe

Elvis beer, shot glasses, thimble and pictures

Elvis beer, shot glasses, thimble and pictures

Elvis is even following me as I write this blog post. No joke. A song called, “Long Lost Twin” by Clem Snide, just came on my iTunes shuffle. “Tonight I feel like Elvis longing for his long lost twin..” Perhaps the song explains the meaning behind the dueling Elvises.

Could the ghost of Elvis be taking a break from Graceland to roam the streets of Ukrainian Village? Someone please explain this phenomenon to me.



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2 responses to “Elvis is watching

  1. creepy. the window elvis is #1 creepy.

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