Spitting games

I don’t ride the El that often anymore. I’m generally ok with that, especially after what I witnessed last night.

Heading toward the Loop to meet up with some friends, I took my seat on the Purple Line. I noticed a gentleman in front of me, and as I got comfortable, I observed the pleasant, clean scent he emanated. Passengers got on and off as the train made its way around the Loop. Watching carefully for the Washingon/Wells stop, I was interrupted from my iPod listening by a hacking sound. I look up and noticed that the man in front of me had spit on the floor. Really? Is that what we’re doing now? I was repulsed and regretted thinking that he smelled nice.

The culprit

The culprit. I was close to posting the spit picture, but I decided to spare you.

Luckily, I didn’t have to look at the puddle of spit for long because my stop came up. As I walked off the platform and down the stairs, I almost stepped in an unrelated puddle of spit. Gross. Just makes me wonder how often we step in others’ spit without noticing.




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4 responses to “Spitting games

  1. Lisa

    sadly spitting seems to be a plague. I’ve noticed this as well….worst is when they feel the need to spit on carpeted floors and chairs on bart. Shamwow should make a traveler’s spit rag.

  2. Jo

    I’ve noticed people spitting on our metro bus…I thought it odd and uncalled for and CLEARLY glared at the guilty spitter, who did it again and almost stared right back at me…almost to spite me.

    Lisa – would you really want to carry around a spit soacked skamwow all day? GROSS

  3. Brandon

    What is this…china?!?! I have never seen such a thing and may throw up when i do.

  4. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

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