The visitor

There was a visitor in my neighborhood this week.

And I’m not talking about the annoying snow that blanketed the streets and sidewalks this morning…I’m pretending that never happened.

Walking to the bus stop on Tuesday, I noticed a strange, life-like panda hanging out on my neighbor’s stoop.

Would this make you do a double take?

Would this make you do a double take?

This was no ordinary panda. She was accompanied by a litter of molting babies. At first glance, I actually jumped because the thing looked so real. The fur, the eyes, and not to mention the babies, put the panda on a new stratosphere of creepiness.

It’s no surprise that the panda appeared on the corner that was once home to the Dueling Elvises. This corner is a Bermuda Triangle of Weirdness. Odd and intriguing things are constantly appearing and disappearing here. Just like Elvis, the panda was gone by the next morning. I can only imagine where the panda is hanging out these days. Most likely, the dumpster.



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4 responses to “The visitor

  1. Casey

    out of this world.

  2. the babies…are so scary. why why why…

  3. Just revisited. Still scary.

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