Countdown to farmer’s market days

What on god’s green earth would make someone want to spend his or her Saturday afternoon standing in a line like this:

Is this an amusement park?

Is this an amusement park?

1. Self-loathing?

2. Dirt cheap organic fruits and veggies?

Number 2 brought us to Stanley’s yesterday. We’ve made many Saturday afternoon voyages to the popular fruit and veggie market, but this trip was particularly painful. The swarm of people forced dodging and elbowing your way to the organic Fuji apples and mixed greens. The checkout lines were another story. They wrapped around the cozy store, similarly to those at amusement parks…except there were no rides at the end. Lines were chock full with impatient, grumbling people who had no mercy for line cutters. The angry mob, however, did let a little old couple sneak in without much protest. Less mercy was shown to a twentysomething woman who responded to the crowd with a snarky “Oh, I’M SORRY.” As I recounted the story to Joe (who had gotten briefly out of line), the woman walked by and gave me a dirty look. Oops. We actually spent more time in line than shopping, which made us spend more money in the long run because we had more time to add items to the cart.

I’m pleased with the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies we took home. Even if it was a nightmare to get them home. The experience makes me more anxiously anticipate neighborhood farmer’s markets. And Megan using her farmer’s market bag, Liz Mitchell wearing her farmer’s market jewelry and me wearing my farmer’s market tunic. Perhaps all can make a debut at the  Wicker Park/Bucktown farmer’s market when it opens on June 7.


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