High fives for a good samaritan

It seems too often that we hear about people acting like jerks.

I complain, you complain, friends complain, co-workers complain…about the annoying things people do, like failing to clean up dog poo, talking too loudly on the phone, using bad driving/biking/parking etiquette, littering, screaming drunken profanities down the street…the list continues.

I’m here to report that, despite what you hear, people out there do amazing things as well. I’m a believer, starting today.

I arrived home this evening to find a mysterious letter addressed to me inside the mailbox. It was from someone who also had the last name Davis at a Chicago address I didn’t recognize. Inside the envelope were tickets to the Blondie and Pat Benetar show at Ravinia I’d ordered a few weeks ago. Apparently, Ravinia inadvertantly sent my tickets to the wrong person who did the right, kind thing by mailing them to me (my address and name were printed with the tickets). She even included a handwritten note with her phone number.

A real note on Notes on Urban Behavior

A real note on Notes on Urban Behavior

I was immensely moved by this kind gesture. That Ms. Davis could have easily played the part of this Ms. Davis and three friends or forgotten to mail the tickets for months…cut to me yelling at Ravinia over the phone for not receiving my tickets…But she didn’t.

High fives for my good samaritan and all the others out there. I plan on calling mine tomorrow to say thank you. I don’t want to be a jerk.



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4 responses to “High fives for a good samaritan

  1. Jo

    WOW I love this post! So much good energy in means you’ve been pushing good energy out. sweet sweet karma

  2. Yay! She has to be from Indiana.

  3. Brandon

    Sorry to be a negative nelly (literally)…but, she probably just didnt’ like the shows you had tickets too… 😉

  4. Ryan

    I bet she included her phone number incase you had a spare ticket.

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