Mannequin 2: On a Joyride

I write about the oddities in my neighborhood quite often. Either I don’t get out much or I live on one of the weirdest streets. The jury is out.

But it’s hard not to point out things like this:

Just half a mannequin playing back seat driver. She was a little too hot for my internets.

Just a half-mannequin lady playing backseat driver. No big deal.

Yep, this happened. I noticed this too-hot-for-my-internets lady sitting in the backseat of a parked silver Dodge Neon on my way home from work the other day. Rarrrr. Let’s just say she was more anatomically correct than Barbie.

I can’t quite pinpoint the Neon’s motive for including the mannequin on its joyrides. We don’t have carpool lanes in Chicago, so there’s no use in using a faux friend to get to work earlier like people in other cities do. And I can’t imagine that she’d have much to say on long trips. Perhaps she was on her way to see her friends down the street, the 80s mannequins. Yep, that’s happening too. Mannequins are all the rage in this neighborhood. They’re the new skinny jeans. Better outfit your apartment or car in one today.

Fun fact: Did you know there is a Mannequin 2 movie? Sounds like it has an amazing plot line: “The film stars Kristy Swanson as a mannequin who was frozen one thousand years ago by an evil sorcerer using a magic necklace. She remains frozen until the necklace is removed and can stay permanently unfrozen if she receives a kiss from her true love.” Netflix, please rush.

Thanks to my pal, Ryan, for humoring me with his Photoshop wizardry.


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