Circle the wagons

Just because I haven’t posted in more than two weeks (inexcusable) doesn’t mean I haven’t seen anything odd around my neighborhood.

Like this wagon hanging out by the Division Blue Line station a few days ago.  From its rusty wheels and paint-chipped, wooden exterior, you might think  someone left it here circa 1940.



Did the wagon run away from home and lose its courage once it saw the stairs?

Was the wagon a getaway vehicle for a renegade mother and her child on the run from the law?

The wagon certainly has a story, but it wouldn’t tell me. The wagon’s proximity to the stairs actually reminds me of a mischievous story my husband told me about himself and his brothers when they were kids. Apparently, Joe and his older brother talked his younger brother into being the guinea pig for riding down the stairs in a laundry basket.

I don’t recommend doing the same thing with the wagon. I can’t imagine it would end well.


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