Reasons We Live in Chicago #1: The views

The first snow of the season fell this morning. It’s a whopping 26 degrees outside right now. Sleeping bags coats are out, hats and gloves abound, and puddles have morphed into ice.

It’s official: it feels like winter. Pretty soon, we’ll be asking ourselves “why do we live here?” as we trudge though a foot of snow.

So, I’m starting a new project “Reasons We Live in Chicago,” to remind myself (and others) in the snowy, subzero months ahead why Chicago is a great place to live. I know it will be hard to remember.

Reasons We Live in Chicago #1: The views

When I worked in the Loop, I took the skyline’s eye candy for granted. Most daily commutes, my nose would stay in a book until I arrived at my bus stop. Then, I was surrounded by never-ending skyscrapers I could barely see.

Now, I travel daily to River North, stopping just short of the skyscrapers. It’s because of the short amount of distance I can truly appreciate the view. I was caught quite off guard the other night when I had to walk a few blocks east to Michigan Ave. I’m a daring woman to shop there this time of year.

One more for the road. This was from last summer when Leese and Jo visited, and I made them go on the Architectural Boat Tour with me.



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2 responses to “Reasons We Live in Chicago #1: The views

  1. My #1 reason for liking Chicago is all the men who wear “More Cowbell” shirts. raaaaaaaaaaarrr.

    p.s. You know where to find warmth and sun…just sayin’.

  2. I miss Chicago… I used to go all the time, especially during the summer and around Xmas. *sniff*

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