Reasons We Live in Chicago #2: Live music

It’s been December for eight days, and it’s snowed three days of those days. Right in a row.

The snow hasn’t been substantial yet, but it’s been enough to make the commute annoying and make me create a mental checklist of all indoor activity options—like live music. Reason We Live in Chicago (in crappy weather) #2.

Oh, yes. Bands play here.

Sometimes, I forget how cheap and accessible a good show is in Chicago. The notion quickly came back to me last Tuesday when we went to see The xx and Friendly Fires at Bottom Lounge.

The xx

Originally, the allure of attending the show was The xx. They’re a lovely little British band I’ve been listening to for the past few months, thanks to emusic and the prompting of my good pal, Lisa.  They sounded fantastic live, true to form, especially given that they recently went from four band members to three. Favorite live songs  were “Crystallized” and “Islands.” Yessss.

The only image I got of the whole band, thanks to the enormous speaker in front of me.

Signature double white xx, encapsulated in black.

Friendly Fires

The surprise of the night was how much I liked Friendly Fires. I have their album, and I do like it, especially as a workout soundtrack. I still had low expectations going into the show, assuming they’d play like other generic British pop bands. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing sound quality and immense energy that the band brought to the stage. The lead singer danced his ass off, and the crowd followed suit.

I just noticed how sweaty the guy in the middle is.

That’s the best: going from liking to digging a band as a result of seeing a live show. Especially when the show only cost you $15 plus the cost of cheap beer. The best.



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2 responses to “Reasons We Live in Chicago #2: Live music

  1. booooo… this new series you’re starting here is making me even more sad to leave chicago :/

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