Dream job

We’ve all been asked that question:

“If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?”

I’m tempted to answer “fashion editor at Vogue” or “accomplished travel writer.” Glamorous? Yes. The truth? No.

My real answer is “barista.” Not at Starbucks or another franchise. I’m talking about a hip, fun, independent, neighborhood coffee shop where you’re encouraged to shoot the shit, play great music, meet interesting people, turn strangers’ days around and collect stories for later. In my vision, this dream job is a place where the biggest pressures are to stay highly caffeinated and deal with those who aren’t.

The setting? Think Intelligentsia on Randolph Street, if it were nestled in a neighborhood.

Locally owned coffee establishment with lovely branding.

Individually brewed blends.

Chic decor flanked by lively clientele.

Unobtrusive overhead lighting emanating from a lofted ceiling.

One beautiful cup of caffeine.

Actually, my dream job is to be a writer and a barista. I’ve always thought being a barista would be fun and would encourage me to write more often. Those of you who are baristas or have been one might think I’m crazy. It just seems like a good way to collect stories. But just like being a fashion editor at Vogue or an accomplished travel writer, I assume there are down sides. Like the pesky drones of morning commuters demanding coffee and the coffee-filled trash bags that need hauled to the dumpster.

I’m sure there are more negatives, but I don’t have to think about them. I can drink coffee, listen to music and talk to all the people I want. It’s my dream job.

What’s your dream job?



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3 responses to “Dream job

  1. amberpagewrites

    I’ve always thought that would be a fun job too. Right now, I’d really just like to be a stay at home mom who magically has time to write books.

    That’s my dream job. Pretty lame, huh?

  2. Ryan

    I really just want to be Anthony Bourdain minus the TV show.

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