Keep yer dead trees

Last month, the telephone company dropped blue plastic bags filled with enormous phone books in front of every apartment building in my neighborhood. These bags, now filled with water-logged yellow and white pages, still line the sidewalks. Not so “echo-friendly,” as Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker would say. Sheesh.

In the internet age, who’s still using phone books? Apparently, no one in this neighborhood. My neighbors are probably like me—they lack the space to store the bulky bundle of dead trees. I suppose phone books still have an audience—my parents, grandparents and the likes still use them. But the phone company should ask you if you want one before dumping a book on your doorstep. If you’re interested, you can opt out of receiving phone books here.



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3 responses to “Keep yer dead trees

  1. i watched that millionaire matchmaker yesterday. and it made me laugh out loud when she said echo-friendly—repeatedly.

    also, my dad LOVES phonebooks. he thinks the internet just takes way too much time to get anything. maybe it’s his dial-up.

  2. Ryan

    This drives me crazy too. I just opted out.

  3. Jo

    Huge paper blocks wrapped in plastic. Brilliant gift a few weeks before Earth Day! So thoughtful.

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