Cupcake truck!

Flirty Cupcakes is the best business idea to hit the streets.

In my opinion.

The cupcake truck is just like the ice cream truck that used to roam the streets of your neighborhood when you were a kid. Except with cupcakes! (And without ice cream, music and creepiness) They roam the streets of Chicago selling delicious, daily-baked cupcakes until they’re sold out. Brilliant.

I was happy when I heard the cupcake truck was making a stop next to my office. And then sad when I realized I had a meeting during that time. But good news! Meeting got out early. Wut?!?

An all-page went out about Flirty Cupcakes’ arrival at Wells and Superior. The following events ensued.

A crowd mobbed the streets in search of fresh-baked goods.

Flirty Cupcake truck was open for business at Wells and Superior in River North. Any customers?

After seeing the crowd, Flirty Cupcake employees were taken aback by the crowd's enthusiasm. "You can't eat a baker's dozen in under 10 seconds! Never been done!" they said.

The crowd decided to take on the challenge with pure audacity. Look at Sarmys' defiant face.

"'Oh yeah? Everyone will take one of every cupcake on the menu," the crowd responded.

Ok, it didn’t go down exactly like that.

But we did conveniently purchase cupcakes during the weekday—and enjoy them. My cupcake was the CBFF, which was a chocolate cupcake with Nutella grenache. The menu had me at Nutella.

Devoured at my desk.

Moral of the story: Visit Flirty Cupcakes when it visits your neighborhood or work hood. Go!


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  1. Ahhh, Nutella… recalls me Paris… please don’t talk choco… please!!!

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