Chicagoans love their Macs

Last month, I read an article on CNN Money that listed Chicago as the sixth largest  market in the U.S. for Apple products. According to the article 29% of Chicagoans use a Mac, iPod or iPhone.

Does that number seem low to anyone else? I feel like almost everyone on the bus rocks an iPod and/or an iPhone. Just sayin’. Chicagoans heart Apple products. Point in case:

Who is this Apple whore?

Well, maybe not everyone shares the passion. For some, the spark of a new relationship seems to have already faded.

Woes in Wicker Park

Just curious: How many Apple products do you own?



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3 responses to “Chicagoans love their Macs

  1. I can’t believe I have 5-10. Nutty.

  2. Jo

    I think due to the Microsoft Campus, Seattle area will never be in the running.

  3. I eat apples since 10 years!! My Apple wh.., iphone, ipad, ipod… yuuummm… mucho bueno sabor!

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