Would you ride with Ferrari Guy?

Imagine this:

It’s your birthday. Someone you love (or want to love) has just spent their hard-earned cash for you to ride with Ferrari Guy. $300 for that ride, to be exact (or $150 for 20 minutes).

On that ride, you get chauffeured around the city by Sammy Hagar look-alike, Tony Tag, the self-proclaimed “Most photographed man in the country. Next to the president!!”

Apparently, Ferrari Guy is a legend in Chicago, but I had never heard of him until recently. Sort of like New York’s Naked Cowboy. But with clothes. And a Ferrari. I know nothing about cars, but apparently the Ferrari has a 3.8-liter engine with 495 HP and there’s gold rims to boot. That’s impressive, no?

You + Ferrari Guy = Bad ass time?

Would you ride with Ferrari Guy?

Ever spotted Ferrari Guy?

(pic via ferrariguyforhire.com)



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5 responses to “Would you ride with Ferrari Guy?

  1. Brandon

    This is really just frightening. I have a feeling that any lady that gets in his car gets a bottled water (dasani?) and a roofie.

    Some of this may be that I’m not a car person either and he’s by no means attractive enough for a $150 ride.

  2. Yikes. How much does it cost for you to drive the car without him in it? Or pick your own driver? Does he own any shirts? Do you think he waxes his chest? So many questions…

  3. Allan in Training

    HAHAHAH. This is my good friend’s uncle. I’m sure you’re not surprised that I not only know him, but I’ve ridden in this car a number of times. Once, he was wearing a full baby blue Velour jumpsuit, with two gold chains and white, patent leather sneakers. Hysterical.

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