Scenes from the CTA: Awkward convos and questions

I have a borrowed theory that everyone on public transportation is either miserable or acting like they’re miserable. I also have a theory that everyone is awkward, or at the very least, acts awkwardly. Point in case: last week on the train. I rarely take the train, but boy I am glad I did. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have overheard these gems.

Three best things overheard on the CTA last week

1. Business lingo

Scene: Brown Line, between Chicago and Sedgwick

Cast: Two (presumably) Lincoln Park girls

Dialogue: “I tried to google to find out the difference between a CEO and a COO. And I’m still confused!

2. Shirtless in Chicago

Scene: Red Line, around the Granville stop

Cast: Conductor to a particular passenger on a moderately full train

Dialogue: “Sir, I’m going to need you to put your shirt on.”

3. City talks

Scene: Red Line, around Lawrence

Cast: Three fashionable young guys in their mid-20s


Dude #1: “There’s a great view of the Chicago skyline there.”

Dude#2: “What’s a skyline?”




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3 responses to “Scenes from the CTA: Awkward convos and questions

  1. Jo

    Why is there always someone being shirtless in Chicago? Love these painful overheard experiences.

  2. I’m still just learning how to use the CTA, but have overheard a few pretty odd conversations.

  3. Ha! I laughed out loud at this 🙂

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