Update: Victor the Spartan finds Lauren

Great news!

Victor has gotten in touch with Lauren, thanks to the viral power of the world wide web and hand-posted signs.

Says Victor:

“She remembers me and we will meet next week sometime… im ecstatic about finding her. So many helpful people who don’t know me have pitched in and made this possible. Karma will remember your good deed and so will I.”

Congratulate yourselves! You played a part in making this connection anything but a miss.

Given that absurdly romantic gestures are possible and have a chance to work out, I think we all can be:



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2 responses to “Update: Victor the Spartan finds Lauren

  1. Yay! I’m always happy to hear about happy endings 🙂 Thank you for sharing the outcome.

  2. Hooray!! I hope things work out for them. It’s nice to hear about something good actually happening (here’s hoping one of them isn’t hiding something…ya know…bad) lol. The video was a nice touch..what’s with the super vamped up makeup?
    Thanks for the update!

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