Jaded or jerks?

Having grown up in a small town, I was ever-so-trusting when I first moved to Chicago.

“You like my style, and you’re not trying to make me attend a career seminar?” (Oh, those Mary Kay career women)

“Of course it’s safe to walk home at 3 a.m. by yourself after many drinks!” (truly dumb)

“You only need $16 to get your car off the tow truck? And you’ll give me your ID in exchange? And you have starving kids in that car?” (Why is it always $16 and why do I get this one every week?)

Needless to say, I’ve become jaded. I can’t be approached by a stranger these days without raising my guard. I immediately think the stranger wants something or is ready to tell me a lie. I’d like to think I’m more cautious or smarter about my surroundings. Probably I’m just a jerk.

Before I moved, I was even cautious about selling items on craigslist. “Will they try to rip me off?” “Should I really let potential serial killers into my apartment?” (Side effects from watching too much Dexter) However, quite nice, normal people bought my microwave and bookshelf. And in return, I bought this table and dining-chairs-turned-art-project from nice, normal people who were moving or replacing furniture (not trying to stab or steal from me).

Furniture bought from non-sketchy people

So, are we all jaded or cautious for good reason?


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  1. Take a look at the my blog and you may see the people selling things are the ones to look out for, not necessarily the buyers…not you of course. Really like the table though.

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