Rats, be gone

This was a real conversation between the hubs and me this weekend:

Me: “I don’t want to walk in the alley. You know I don’t like rats.”

Joe: “Caauuusssse there are people out there who do? That’s like saying ‘I don’t like snakes.'”

Ok, duh. Noted.

Rats seem to be everywhere these days. Or maybe I’m just more aware of them. One scurried past my feet as I was walking home from the train the other day. And they’re in the alleys nearly every other day (hence, the apprehension for walking in alleys). Put simply, rats are creepy, and I don’t appreciate them mingling in my space.

It doesn’t help seeing these heinous signs everywhere either:

In case you haven’t heard, something is being done about the rat problem. This weekend, someone shot a video of a coyote running through the South Loop. The coyote is thought to be part an urban coyote project that studies coyotes in relationship to the urban landscape using a GPS tracking device.

Crazy, right? I think it’s an interesting solution. These coyotes help control the rat and mice population in a circle-of-life, non-toxic sort of way. Is it safe for the city’s residents? According the project’s website, reports of the project’s coyotes causing disturbances are very rare, and there have been no reports of attacks on humans so far. The coyotes do pose a minor threat to stray cats and small dogs, however. One of the other downsides is that the death rates for the urban project are higher than rural projects, mostly due to collisions with cars. And of course, the city is not a coyote’s natural habit.

Now that I know about the coyote project,  I just wonder if the coyote that wondered into a Quizno’s a few years ago was simply tired of hunting rats. Probably just wanted a freaking sandwich instead.



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2 responses to “Rats, be gone

  1. I bet we’d be amazed at all the animals living wild in Chicago. Remember in September they found a couple of alligators in the Chicago River?

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