Reasons to love Chicago (even in the winter)

It’s that time of year again.

Puffy coats and winter boots abound. Looks of disgust litter the morning commute. My widget looks something like this:

Yep, it’s winter in Chicago (or feels like it). That means we’ve all started asking ourselves, “Why do we live here?”

The only reasonable answer: Love. We must love this city. Why else would we put up with the cold, semi-abusive side of our city’s personality?

Chicago Magazine lists its 40 Reasons to Love Chicago online, revealing a different reason each day. I have to admit, I expected this to be a tired “Things Chicagoans like” list, featuring the likes of Wilco and Chicago-style pizza. (Sounds sorta like Stuff White People Like, no?) I haven’t read the print version, but I assume the full list is there, in case you’re the impatient type.

However, so far, there are a lot of unexpected, interesting reasons that had me nodding my head. Like #11 The Interview Show. And #4 Elston Avenue. And #23 tasty neighborhood foods. I’m sure there will be a few “duhs” in there.

And I’m interested to see what is in store for #32: Because everyone needs a Wilco holds. Because a list about Chicago rarely avoids Chicago’s sweetheart band.

Be sure to keep this list handy. You’ll need a reminder of why Chicago is a great city when it’s snowing in March.

Via Nabewise


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