All by ourselves?

I’ve recently noticed that most people, including myself, are generally afraid of doing things alone. Here’s how I know:

A few weeks ago, I was busily running errands in preparation for the holidays, out-of-town travels and Joe’s birthday. It was after work, and I was starving.

I had cash in my wallet—a rarity—so I stopped at Sultan’s (a cash-only joint) for a falafel. (For my money, Sultan’s has the best Middle Eastern food in town. And for cheap! A mere $6 gets you a delicious falafel sandwich and a lentil soup. I digress.)

I started to order the falafel to go. After all, I was by myself. But I was starving and didn’t have the spare hands to carry another bag, so I plopped down at a window booth and ate my dinner. All by myself.

I was so hungry, I couldn’t even wait to take this photo. Amazing. And embarrassing.

Taking a break from the deliciousness, I noticed I wasn’t by myself. Individuals in the booth behind and in front of me were also eating alone.

The funny thing was, all of us were using smartphones. I was checking Facebook for the millionth time that day to pretend that I busy with someone, somewhere.

So, why is it that people are hesitant to eat alone? Dining is a social event, so I guess eating alone may make you feel alone, even if it’s not the case. Even as an independent person, I feel weird about it. Perhaps co-habitation has ruined me.

I think that we should celebrate and savor our independence, like my friend Casey does. Every once in a while, she “takes herself out to dinner,” enjoying a lovely glass of wine with a lovely meal. It’s something that her dad does often. I find it refreshing.

The same goes with movies. Many people don’t like going to the movies alone. Or bars. Both places are dark. I don’t get it.

Which camp are you in? Do you (or would you) dine alone?


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