Pink houses for you and me

One of my favorite things to do in any Chicago neighborhood is to wander down a tree-lined side street. I love the mix of residential architecture, especially the modern juxtaposed with vintage. Call me creepy, but I imagine how each apartment or house might be decorated and how that might reflect the people who live there.

Logan Square is particularly fun to get lost in because it’s delightfully urban, yet residential. Its buildings may not be as beautiful as Wicker Park’s or Lincoln Park’s, but the alternating row houses, new houses, apartment buildings and gorgeous mansions weave a story and inspire the renters of the world. I dream of owning one of the adorable single family homes. Daydreaming can get especially out of hand along Logan Boulevard, where the enormous mansions are taunting.

A short walking tour

This is the house that my ten-year-old self would have designed. I sincerely mean that as a compliment. There’s something whimsical and unpretentious about this house’s tall windows and playful colors. It says, Sure, I can afford an amazing single family home, but I’m not going to take my good fortune too seriously. I appreciate that.

Across the street, check this fascinating trio—a ranch house, modern house and vintage four-flat apartment building. I can only imagine an old Chicago family, artistic couple and a gaggle of hipster kids living on the same block in harmony.

I’m not sure that I’d like to live in a house that used to be a church. Lightning would strike (or another cliche) if I moved in. However, I’m curious about how this space is divided up. Hey owner, do you give tours?

If nothing else, moving to Logan Square has given me condo/house fever. I also blame Apartment Therapy. So until we save the money, I’ll dream (and wander) on.



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3 responses to “Pink houses for you and me

  1. Is that first one over near Altgeld? I like that one too, but had lost track of where it was.

    I think the church residence was on the Logan Square House Walk some years ago. As I remember the first floor was quite an open plan except for a cube built to house and separate a bedroom.

  2. Casers

    I want to see inside the church house, too. Wonder if they kept a few pews for the dining room?

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