Parking dibs

Snowpocalypse 2011 has passed! We’re alive and digging out of the snow.

And apparently we’re saving parking spots again. I could have taken 10 more pics like this, but my child-size hand would have turned into a popsicle. It’s funny how each of these peeps called parking dibs in their own way.

Parking for two, please

Baby not on board (thankfully)

Use caution when trying stealing my space, bro

What do you think? Is this rude or necessary?

Mostly, I think people are weird. But I don’t drive that often.

On an unrelated note, I attempted to go into the office today. After trampling through mountains of snow, I encountered this scene at my Blue Line stop:

A line just to get to the platform. After reading emails from several co-workers experiencing the same thing, I was so annoyed that I turned around and went back home. Most everyone else is working from home today anyway.

Update: My husband just saw this article on Yahoo. Time Out Chicago explores both sides of the parking dibs issue.


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