Who is Weed Wolf?

There are a couple of burning questions that weigh heavily on my mind. Such as:

  • Did we really land on the moon in 1969?
  • How is it possible for anyone to remember all 50 state capitals or speak French fluently?
  • Is the world going to end in 2012?

Also: Who is Weed Wolf?

The latter is a question I’ve pondered since seeing this emblazoned on the side of a building at Milwaukee and Honore last summer:

(Photo via EMENFUKOS at Flickr)

Weed Wolf’s work has popped up all over Wicker Park and Logan Square. Some of the art includes a combination of a wolf, marijuana leaf and/or “2012.” But mostly it’s simply the name “Weed Wolf,” which reminds me a bit of the “Oh Shit!” graffiti around West Town.

Seen anything that looks like this?

Who are you, Weed Wolf? Are you this guy? Or this guy?

I’m guessing none of the above. Perhaps less like Teen Wolf. A friend of mine has actually met him. I guess he’s just some dude who happens to be into graffiti.

So, the mystery continues.



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18 responses to “Who is Weed Wolf?

  1. We too have become enamored by the ever-elusive Weed Wolf. Perhaps we should combine forces and expose him as the city’s next great street artist.

  2. LoSqPride

    Weed Wolf disrespects Logan Square over and over and earns praise for it? Nah. Fuck that. Nothing but supremely shitty grafs written by a guy who doesn’t know the neighborhood and sure as shit doesn’t respect its history and residents.

    You want to tag? Fine by me. But don’t do it by fucking up somebody else’s art. That only serves to confirm people’s existing prejudice towards the scene. Learn some fucking respect.

  3. Thomas Irvin

    Weed Wolf is extraordinarily disrespectful to all the citizens of the area and should be arrested, prosecuted, and jailed. Sure, it’s art. So what? It’s disrespectful art. The people who own the buildings that this guy graffitis have every right to not display Weed Wolf’s art, but they don’t get that chance–Weed Wolf pushes his art on them. What a dick move. If I were a wealthy man I’d offer a reward for this guy’s arrest.

  4. paul kott

    Does the weed wolf actually deal weed???????? Is this a form of advertising?

  5. paul kott

    Never know

  6. Anon

    Weed wolf scratched his name in the window of my house recently. Seriously? That’s pretty much the bottom of the barrel. If anyone knows who this guy is please share. I just want a window I can look out of without seeing that stupid thing.

  7. guest

    His stuff is crap. Most of it is just tagging, and his stickers have little artistic value. He’s more about quantity than quality, which is unfortunate, since it takes away from the actual good street artists.

    • You’re right. I think a lot more people would appreciate if Weed Wolf tagging had more of an artistic value or made a statement. Some of his earlier graffiti did have a little more art involved, but now it seems to be a bit more about tagging.

  8. guest

    yea, really lame. no association to weed dealing though. he use to have a myspace page. idiot.

  9. Brian

    Yeah, I’m not into his stuff either. I don’t have any idea who he is, but I’ve seen his Weed Wolf moniker graffitied in the School of the Art Institute’s bathrooms. His knife/marijuana leaf compositions are apparently the result of rigorous (and expensive) artistic training. I guess one way of getting people to talk about your stuff is by plastering it everywhere and making in unavoidable. Another way is by actually making something worth talking about. A little less of column A, a little more of column B, please…

  10. lazarus belasario

    Weed Wolf has been appearing in Colorado Springs for about a year. First spotted on some abandon rest stop buildings along I-25 and now on some stickers in Old Colorado City.

  11. Keri

    Yeah, what is up with this!?! I’m in Castle Rock, Co and his shit just hit the sides of buildings. I’m not sure if this is him or a copy cat. All I see is the basic non artistic words in white spray paint “WEED WOLF”. What the fuck is this person doing defacing our properties! It is expensive to get the paint off of wood and stucco. I’m one for art but never for graffiti on buildings or public property. Someone give this ass hole up so he can pay for his destruction and reconsider it’s benefit to himself. He’s not even risking this for advertising something worth while, a movement or a cause.
    I’d love to be corrected if anyone dares!

  12. Richard Daley

    props to weed wolf

  13. ...


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