Parking ticket fake out

If you live in Chicago, you’ve probably reached your threshold when it comes to hearing about the upcoming mayoral and city official elections.

I know I have. This, however, made me hit the breaking point:

This isn’t our car, but one of these orange slips of papers was on our windshield this morning. Our wounds still fresh from a parking ticket Joe got last weekend while ordering chicken wings, we burst into a fury upon first glance of our windshield.

Upon further inspection, we realized this was actually a flyer about voting Alderman Moreno out of office next Tuesday. It just happened to be designed too similarly to a parking ticket.

Insult to injury: February is spelled incorrectly.

Well, I suppose this advertisement worked—it got our attention, albeit in a negative way.

It seems karma is coming back to me for writing all of those “official” looking direct mail letters back in the day.



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