Books and the Nook

Oh, the kids these days. They’re all tweeting, listening to iPods, using iPads and reading books on eReaders.

Now, I’m one of them (sorta). I’m not one of the cool kids with an iPad 2, but I did recently receive a Barnes and Noble NOOK Color a few months ago for my birthday. The NOOK was an unexpected joint gift from my husband and in-laws.


The NOOK comes with a color touchscreen, built-in wi-fi, and apps such as Pandora and Sudoku. I’m a big fan of the crossword puzzle app too (nerd alert!). The best is the immediacy of downloading books. If I’ve procrastinated getting a book for my book club? It’s there in seconds. Huge hardback books weigh less than a pound on the NOOK. And magazines look amazing.

But to be honest, before getting the NOOK, I was pretty hesitant about the whole eReader thing. I never wanted a Kindle. I considered myself a traditionalist of reading. There’s just something cozy and familiar about curling up with a good paperback book. Ahhh, and the smell of  books. Thats something technology can never replace. Also, I love supporting Open Books book store, a nonprofit that promotes literacy.

Curious: where do you fit in?

Books made of paper, eReaders or a combo of both?



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5 responses to “Books and the Nook

  1. I’m pretty much anti-ereader, but I do see the convenience of a Nook. I have to get a Kindle for England, so maybe it’ll convert me.

  2. I wanted a Nook or Kindle or any of those things until my husband pointed out that I go through 3 or 4 library books a week and at $6 a book the Nook could be costly for us. Alas, to the library I return.

    • Some libraries loan out eBooks just as they would physical copies! You should check to see if yours does, too. I keep meaning to check out the Chicago Public Library’s options.

  3. Denise

    Totally jealous of your NOOK!

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