Did someone say “free?”

Last Monday, I was reminded that summer + indie music + FREE = a serious crapload of people.

It was the first really warm evening of the summer. So, the husband, some pals and I went to the Iron + Wine show in Millennium Park, along with the rest of Chicagoans age 15-45.

Although Iron + Wine was great, we spent the majority of the time drinking wine (sans iron) and people watching.¬†Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen more people in one place. It was also a goldmine for latfh.com. I’m glad I didn’t wear my romper.

The most enjoyable/annoying part of the evening was watching hordes of people try to sweet talk the “security guard” into letting them jump over the gate in front of us to get in.

We decided since we really came to hang outside and chitchat, next time we’d see a jazz or orchestra performance. Or maybe we wouldn’t pick the biggest free show on the warmest day of the year.


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