Concrete city within a city

To me, the hustle and bustle and anonymity of city living is strangely liberating.

That’s why it seems odd that there would be a high-rise prison in the middle of downtown.

A few years ago when my friends and I were pouring our entry-level paychecks into crappy Lakeview apartments, one co-worker was a baller living in Printer’s Row. We had no idea how he afforded such a nice, conveniently located apartment. One that happened to be located next to a city prison. Sometimes, if you timed it right, you caught a glimpse of the prisoners.

What I find fascinating about this correctional facility is that, at first glance, you might think it’s an older condo building. Except the views through the tiny windows probably aren’t as spectacular. And the residents aren’t exactly leaving for work every day.

I forgot about the prison until we passed it this weekend.

Did you know it existed?



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2 responses to “Concrete city within a city

  1. Sandy

    i did, but only because i’m a lawyer-type. i could see the inmates playing basketball on the roof from my last office building. it’s always a bit of a shock when i catch sight of it from the ground, though, rising up out of the concrete like any other building.

    “pouring our entry-level paychecks into crappy lakeview apartments” — nice turn of phrase. i’m doing just that and it’s making me crazy. i’m trying to move somewhere cheaper, but my partner is too in love with our little corner of the neighborhood. pro tips on getting out?

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