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You probably think this blog is about you

Ever notice how Chicagoans are really into songs and TV shows about Chicago?

You probably won’t  admit to it, but I will. I’ve watched shows simply because they’re set in my city.

Exhibits A and B:

My Boys

This show wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. If it was on, I’d give it a half an hour, if only for Jim Gaffigan and the chance to call out cheesy Cubs references.

via The TV Legion

The League

I first watched an episode as research for work. For real. It’s pretty hilarious in an Always Sunny-wanna-be-but-with-fantasy-sports-kinda-way. Plus, get this…it’s set in Chicago.

The list continues. Like Happy Endings, Boss, Mike and Molly and Whitney and 10 others that probably didn’t make it past Sweeps Week.

I don’t need to tell you there have been a million shows, songs, books and movies focused around the Windy City. For example, just today my ice cream making BFF Lisa sent me this song, aptly named “Chicago” by North Highlands. We’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg, my friends.

Are we so vain that we never get sick of watching and hearing about ourselves or our city?

Nah. I’d like to think there’s a thrill in catching a glimpse of a familiar skyline. And a sense of pride in seeing our city (however inaccurately) depicted.

In the same way that people in Seattle loovvvveee Fraiser and people in New York loovvvveee Sex and the City, right?



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Double the fun

Nearly six years ago, when we first moved to Chicago, we lived down the street from a hole-in-the-wall, atypical Wrigleyville bar named Wrigleyville North. My husband (then fiance) and our friend Nick were regulars who affectionately called it “Country Bar” because a country band played every weekend. This band, much to Nick’s chagrin, played “Rocky Top” much too frequently.

I called it “Bad Bar.” Not because I didn’t like it. Mostly because it didn’t have much going for it in the way of ambience.

Some things don’t change. The bar is still unremarkable, but holds a place in my heart for its fond new city memories, decent jukebox, and of course, a ladies’ room with two toilets.

We never quite figured out why there are two toilets. Women don’t pee next to each other. Hmmm.

We went back to Wrigleyville North last weekend after a Cubs game as a large group. Not to hear the country band, but this time to honor Nick. Maybe it was a combination of his presence, our dear friends being in one place, and distraction pool (I’ll explain this another time), but I can’t honestly remember having so much fun at that bar.

I’d like to think that Nick is somewhere now wearing his Cubs jersey, enjoying an Old Style and shaking his head at the sound of Rocky Top.



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There’s no use crying…

…over spilled pickles.

Sad dills.

Taken at Clark St. at Polk St., Chicago.

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Photo bombed at Buckingham Fountain

If you close your eyes, you can imagine you’re lounging in an Italian piazza when sitting in front of the Buckingham Fountain.

In my opinion, it’s one of the most gorgeous landmarks in the city. And no matter what my husband tells you, it was not donated by the British Royal Family.

I took my friend Lisa who was visiting from “SF” to the fountain this weekend. We waited a good twenty minutes to see the water show. And this was it. Apparently, Buckingham Fountain only gets sassy with its lights and water at nighttime. Take note. At least that gave enough time for Lisa to get a Chicago dog that failed to come with tomatoes.

Then, this Segway tour photo bombed our pics.

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Random Kingdom

File this under things you don’t see every day. This faux Minnie Mouse was spotted near the Roosevelt CTA station last week passing out flyers.

We have trains, attractions, and apparently, Minnie Mouse. Yet, Chicago is no Magic Kingdom.

I regret that I didn’t see what the flyer said, but she didn’t need it to get my attention. I’ve always been freaked out by characters in costume (see: any photo of me age 0-5 with Santa or the Easter Bunny). *shudders*

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How to know if you had a fun night out.

What’s your hallmark of a fun night on the town?

Personally, it’s finding a random memento the next day with a vague recollection of how I acquired it.

Like this Sears (ahem, Willis) Tower postcard I found in my purse on Sunday morning.

I don’t go out much these days. But since my friend and I were both husbandless this weekend, we recruited another friend for a last-minute dinner at Mercat a la Planxa and after-dinner drinks.

I remember the amazing tapas and the boisterous conversation. But not how I got this postcard. I assume this is a sign of a good night.

Hey fun fact from the postcard: “The Willis Tower, standing 1,451 feet fall, is the tallest building in the United States, and dominates the Chicago skyline.”


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Concrete city within a city

To me, the hustle and bustle and anonymity of city living is strangely liberating.

That’s why it seems odd that there would be a high-rise prison in the middle of downtown.

A few years ago when my friends and I were pouring our entry-level paychecks into crappy Lakeview apartments, one co-worker was a baller living in Printer’s Row. We had no idea how he afforded such a nice, conveniently located apartment. One that happened to be located next to a city prison. Sometimes, if you timed it right, you caught a glimpse of the prisoners.

What I find fascinating about this correctional facility is that, at first glance, you might think it’s an older condo building. Except the views through the tiny windows probably aren’t as spectacular. And the residents aren’t exactly leaving for work every day.

I forgot about the prison until we passed it this weekend.

Did you know it existed?


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