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I have a new boyfriend

Ukrainian Village has been good to me. He’s been fun, loyal and loving.  Still, I’m moving on.

We’re moving to Logan Square next month.

Ukie, don’t cry. You’re great. It’s not you, it’s me. I feel like we’ve been growing apart the past few months. And it just sort of…happened with Logan Square. He charmed me with his bigger, less-expensive apartments, hip restaurants and tree-lined boulevards. Can we still be friends?

In all seriousness, the decision to move to Logan Square happened in an act of passion. I’m a little sad to move. While there are certainly issues motivating me to pack up and go, we adore Ukrainian Village and certain features of our current apartment.

Things I’ll miss about Ukrainian Village:

Being close, yet pleasantly removed, from the action of Wicker Park

My fave wine and flower shop, A. Vision

Lovely neighborhood joints. There are too many to name, but faves include Happy Village (for its lovely outdoor patio) and Kasia’s (for its ridiculously delicious Polish delights)

Being within walking distance of a grocery store

And of course, the view from the roofdeck of my current building

I could go on forever. I haven’t even mentioned my one-bus commute, Sunrise Cafe, Jam, Black Dog Gelato, Club Foot or Chick Pea. I will miss.

Moving is annoying, but a part of the urban experience. I wouldn’t have been opposed to staying in Ukrainian Village. We just kept our options open when looking for places and the winning apartment happened in Logan Square. But it’s fun discovering new restaurants, shops and bars. I’m excited.

I’ll still hang out with Ukrainian Village. After all, I’m still on friendly terms with my old boyfriend Lakeview. We meet up every so often for dinner, a movie or coffee. Since Ukie and I are parting on amicable terms, I have a feeling that we’ll do a better job staying in touch.



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Where everybody knows your name

Growing up, I learned the ins and out of city living from watching TV sitcoms. My TV taught me that every city dweller had:

1. One token quirky, funny friend

2. An amazing job for which they weren’t qualified

3. A hangout to spend time away from the job for which they weren’t qualified

My TV was half right. I don’t know anyone who landed their dream job automatically (or anyone who has their dream job, for that matter). But quirky and funny are two traits I require in friends, and it is quite common for people to frequent the same coffee joints, restaurants or bars.

The closest we’ve come to our Central Perk, Monk’s Cafe or Cheers was a kitschy bar in Lakeview called Holiday Club. No one knew our names at Holiday Club, but we certainly spent a lot of time there—and a lot of money on beer.

Though not technically a hangout, a shop in my neighborhood called A. Vision has started to feel like one. It’s a unique retail concept that pairs fine wine with flowers. Owners Marta and Maria are lovely people who know everyone in the neighborhood and will pull up a seat for you, pour a splash of wine and listen to you celebrate or lament the events of the day. Moving into the neighborhood, I quickly learned about the free wine tastings on Fridays. And that the worst of days can be turned around by an incredible bottle of wine and some flowers. I know if I was wining and dining a lady for Valentine’s Day, I’d pay them a visit. (Is my husband reading this?)

Recently, I hosted the infamous Wine Club at A. Vision. The gracious owners even had one of their knowledgeable wine reps pour at the tasting. An evening of friends and delicious wine? Yes, please.

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