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Surprise shows and dance parties

One thing I love about living in this city is that your evening can often take an unexpected, yet pleasant, turn.

Like last Wednesday. Thanks to the beauty of Twitter, I heard about a Heineken secret concert  with Broken Social Scene. Which was perfect since my pal Elaine and I were headed that way to see The Rapture (the band, not the end of the world) at Metro anyway. Holla.

The show was performed next to the 7-Eleven by Wrigley. This short girl appreciated the elevated stage. I didn’t appreciate that I missed my fave, 7/4 Shoreline. I could hear it in the distance, which was a tease. What makes this show amazing is that it is apparently one of Broken Social Scene’s last shows ever. Or for now.

My inner copywriter also appreciated the billboard flanking the show.

The fun didn’t end there. The Rapture played a dance-tastic show. The sound quality at Metro was quite good, quite as expected. As Elaine pointed out, it was a show where you didn’t have to know all the songs. You could just dance.

[I wanted to post a video clip of the hot jam from the new album, “How Deep is Your Love?” But WordPress now wants me to pay to do that.]



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