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Scene from a bus stop

You never know what kind of people and oddities you’ll run into at any given bus stop.

This was the scene at Chicago Avenue and Franklin Street last week waiting for the 66 bus.

How did this plethora of Bally Total Fitness water bottles get here? And where are all the lids?

Let’s hypothesize, shall we?

  • A renegade member felt pissed about his required nine-year Bally’s contract and decided to seek revenge
  • A now ex-Bally Fitness employee left the bag while chasing for the bus
  • An anti-fitness activist makes a statement against the evils of corporate fitness organizations

The world shall never know.


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Need a new sports coat?

This lovely sports coat, located at the Damen and Chicago bus stop, could be yours!

Get this before it's gone!

Get this jacket before it's gone!

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