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I dream of delivery

It’s all snowy and blizzard-ry outside in Chicago. Snowtorious BIG, Snowpocalypse, Blizzaster (or whatever else we’re calling it) is underway.

The view from my window screen. Except more blustery and snowy.

I’m snuggled up next to my iMac, feeling cozy and somewhat sentimental. So, I feel a need to profess my love. And give credit to happiness where it’s due:

I love you, Peapod.

You’re always there. You let me order groceries online when I have a busy week. You bring my food to my door when it’s too cold to go outside. Major crush.

Thanks to the internet, we want everything immediately. You can, however, get a lot of things delivered in Chicago. The typical stuff—like flowers or food from pretty much any restaurant, for example. But we’re not as far along as say, New York, in terms of what can be delivered.

Here are the top five things I’d want delivered to my door in a dreamy snowstorm world:

  • At-home manis/pedis: Some days, I could use a nice mani/pedi to lift my spirits or make me feel pulled together. But I don’t want to leave the house. And let’s be honest, it never looks as good when I do my nails myself. Enter a fancy at-home service. I actually think there may be such services, but they’re only for groups like bachelorette parties.
  • Sundries via Target: I would go completely broke if Target had a home-delivery service. Sure, you can order things online via their website, but you can’t get everything online. Or even the next day without paying a fortune. Like cheap bottles of wine, almonds, Q-tips, Method hand soap. I would spend my paycheck in the winter on this service. Target, can you hear me?
  • Tasty organics at Trader Joe’s: Same as above. I’d spend a fortune, but it’d be good to have an alternative to Peapod. Especially one that offers crazy cheap, organic and delicious goat cheese, hummus, pizza, soups, wine and frozen deliciousness at my beck and call.
  • Booze: Some nights when I’m making dinner, I’ll have a specific wine in mind to pair with food. Or it’s late at night, and I want a nice night cap and nothing sounds savory. Can’t someone deliver the booze I want when I want it? (Realllll booze hound-ish, huh?)
  • Brunch: Ever notice tons of restaurants deliver, but no one delivers brunch? Sometimes, it’s too cold or you’re just too hungover to walk a few blocks to get eggs cooked by someone else. I can haz eggzz, hashbrowns and blood marys delivered?

That’s just me. What delivery dreams do you have?

If you’re in Chicago and it’s Peapod you’re dreaming of, you’re outta luck for tomorrow. 😦

Hope you stay safe, warm and fed the next few days, Chicago.



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It’s coming…






…or whatever other silly memes are floating around. Gah!

I used to applaud Chicago for keeping its cool about the snow. But the news, online and face-to-face chatter have been crazy this time around.

All the freaking out reminds me of my high school job as a grocery store cashier. Whenever meteorologists predicted an inch or more of snow, hordes of people would clean out the bread and milk aisles out of fear of never eating again. It doesn’t snow as much in Kentuckiana (the area around Louisville where Indiana and Kentucky high five each other), so people aren’t as laid back about it. Schools inevitably get delayed or closed. The news has special coverage of the conditions. And so on.

In all seriousness, I hope everyone stays safe and keeps their cool out there. And I hope our 2011 blizzard is nothing like Snowmageddon ’09.

(Link via Jeff Cenna @jeffc76. Awesome find, sir!)

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