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You probably think this blog is about you

Ever notice how Chicagoans are really into songs and TV shows about Chicago?

You probably won’t  admit to it, but I will. I’ve watched shows simply because they’re set in my city.

Exhibits A and B:

My Boys

This show wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. If it was on, I’d give it a half an hour, if only for Jim Gaffigan and the chance to call out cheesy Cubs references.

via The TV Legion

The League

I first watched an episode as research for work. For real. It’s pretty hilarious in an Always Sunny-wanna-be-but-with-fantasy-sports-kinda-way. Plus, get this…it’s set in Chicago.

The list continues. Like Happy Endings, Boss, Mike and Molly and Whitney and 10 others that probably didn’t make it past Sweeps Week.

I don’t need to tell you there have been a million shows, songs, books and movies focused around the Windy City. For example, just today my ice cream making BFF Lisa sent me this song, aptly named “Chicago” by North Highlands. We’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg, my friends.

Are we so vain that we never get sick of watching and hearing about ourselves or our city?

Nah. I’d like to think there’s a thrill in catching a glimpse of a familiar skyline. And a sense of pride in seeing our city (however inaccurately) depicted.

In the same way that people in Seattle loovvvveee Fraiser and people in New York loovvvveee Sex and the City, right?



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You know you love the snow

Oh, Chicagoans! We have a love/hate relationship with snow.

We curse the constant layer of frozen white and salt’s attack on our shoes. We’re famous for using snow as an excuse for turning our apartments into winter hideouts.

But we secretly love it.

The snow is part of our identity as a city. A badge of our toughness, if you will. We’re badass enough to endure six months of winter and its six months of snow.

So, have I been surprised to hear complaints about this season’s lack of snow? Absolutely not. We feel debilitated.

For those who feel lost without wearing snow boots, here’s fix to tide you over. You’ve probably noticed, but we got a dusting this morning.

Happy 2012, everyone. The end of 2011 had me in a bit of a funk. But hopefully I’ll be seeing more of you this year.

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