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Double the fun

Nearly six years ago, when we first moved to Chicago, we lived down the street from a hole-in-the-wall, atypical Wrigleyville bar named Wrigleyville North. My husband (then fiance) and our friend Nick were regulars who affectionately called it “Country Bar” because a country band played every weekend. This band, much to Nick’s chagrin, played “Rocky Top” much too frequently.

I called it “Bad Bar.” Not because I didn’t like it. Mostly because it didn’t have much going for it in the way of ambience.

Some things don’t change. The bar is still unremarkable, but holds a place in my heart for its fond new city memories, decent jukebox, and of course, a ladies’ room with two toilets.

We never quite figured out why there are two toilets. Women don’t pee next to each other. Hmmm.

We went back to Wrigleyville North last weekend after a Cubs game as a large group. Not to hear the country band, but this time to honor Nick. Maybe it was a combination of his presence, our dear friends being in one place, and distraction pool (I’ll explain this another time), but I can’t honestly remember having so much fun at that bar.

I’d like to think that Nick is somewhere now wearing his Cubs jersey, enjoying an Old Style and shaking his head at the sound of Rocky Top.




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RIP Elvis

I have sad news to report from the corner of Damen and Iowa. Elvis is gone.

Only a broken post remains where the infamous Elvis effigy once stood.

Only a broken post remains where this infamous Elvis effigy once stood.

Where Elvis once seranaded me on my way to and from work, only broken wooden posts remain. Looks look  new Elvis wins the staring contest.

In other Elvis-related news, the King is still stalking me. I think he really enjoys beer since he seems to frequent every drinking establishment that I’ve recently patroned. Either that or Elvis is the patron saint of dive bars. I went to Delilah’s this weekend, and low-and-behold, Elvis was there, singing and shaking those hips above me as I sipped a frosty beverage. I apologize that I didn’t catch the full name of the artist.

Singing Elvis at Delilah's

Singing Elvis at Delilah's

Dancing western Elvis

Dancing western Elvis

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