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Would you ride with Ferrari Guy?

Imagine this:

It’s your birthday. Someone you love (or want to love) has just spent their hard-earned cash for you to ride with Ferrari Guy. $300 for that ride, to be exact (or $150 for 20 minutes).

On that ride, you get chauffeured around the city by Sammy Hagar look-alike, Tony Tag, the self-proclaimed “Most photographed man in the country. Next to the president!!”

Apparently, Ferrari Guy is a legend in Chicago, but I had never heard of him until recently. Sort of like New York’s Naked Cowboy. But with clothes. And a Ferrari. I know nothing about cars, but apparently the Ferrari has a 3.8-liter engine with 495 HP and there’s gold rims to boot. That’s impressive, no?

You + Ferrari Guy = Bad ass time?

Would you ride with Ferrari Guy?

Ever spotted Ferrari Guy?

(pic via ferrariguyforhire.com)



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