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Flagship Walgreens: My dream home

Forget fancy Lincoln Park condos and grand estates in North Shore.

I want to move into the new Walgreens drugstore on State Street.

For those who haven’t heard everyone freaking out, Walgreens has opened a two-level flagship store in the former (RIP) Loehmann’s space. And it’s pretty amazing.

Seriously, if I didn’t have to earn a paycheck or see my husband, I could spend all of my waking hours here. And I pretty much could. It has everything a gal could need.

Fantastic wines on heavy rotation (literally)

Cheese heaven

Nail salon

Frozen yogurt on tap

And let’s not forget the sushi bar, espresso bar, Freestyle Coke machine, humidor, international newsstand, virtual make-up artist display and virtual bartender.

Excuse me while I start packing now…



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