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Santa moonlights as a CTA conductor

Chicago sure goes all out for the holidays. Point in case: the million lights up and down Michigan Avenue, trumpets and holly flanking Macy’s, and the Chriskindlmarket in full swing. And let’s not forget the CTA holiday train.

I was waiting on the train platform after work last Thursday, replaying the dreary events of the work day through my head. Then, the CTA holiday train pulled up.  Day —> turned around. I’ve only been on the CTA holiday train once in the past six  years. Happy surprise.



Santa seats and holiday music!

Not pictured: Santa. Or my new BFF, Emily. The cutest little girl sat next to me on the holiday train. We made pizzas on her dad’s iPhone. We shared kitty stories. She asked me if I had babies (seriously, you too, Emily?). And then she called me her best friend. All of this occurred within the span of four stops.

So, even though I haven’t bought one Christmas present yet, I’m starting to become less of a Scrooge. I can’t get behind the mad commercialism of the season or the nonstop made-for-TV Lifetime Christmas movies. But the CTA holiday train? I can get behind it.


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