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Chicagoans love their Macs

Last month, I read an article on CNN Money that listed Chicago as the sixth largest  market in the U.S. for Apple products. According to the article 29% of Chicagoans use a Mac, iPod or iPhone.

Does that number seem low to anyone else? I feel like almost everyone on the bus rocks an iPod and/or an iPhone. Just sayin’. Chicagoans heart Apple products. Point in case:

Who is this Apple whore?

Well, maybe not everyone shares the passion. For some, the spark of a new relationship seems to have already faded.

Woes in Wicker Park

Just curious: How many Apple products do you own?



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Friendly Confines of the CTA?

I’ve been proven wrong.

It happens often, trust me. But if you’ve known me for a few years, you know I have a weird fascination about the lack of interaction on the CTA. I’ve even written on the subject before (what happened to Jargon Chicago, btw?). It’s a conundrum to me as to why no one talks—or even looks—at each other while riding the CTA. People are content to be a part of the iPod (now iPhone) army and politely ignore each other. I take that back. People are not content, they’re pretty miserable. I get it, but the silence freaks me out.

So, you’ll imagine my surprise when, yesterday on the train, the unexpected occurred. A woman who was taking up the whole seat with her newspaper removed it and then offered me a seat. Haven been spoiled the last few years by taking the cushy Michigan Ave. buses and having a seat every day, I gladly accepted. Right around the Fullerton stop, the train stalled (surprise!). And then it happened—perfect strangers made conversation. Leave it to complaining about the CTA to ignite the conversation…but it happened. A woman to my right made a comment about the city and inefficiency of the CTA. Conversation ensued! She and the woman to my left chatted about the Olympics, Buckingham Fountain, corrupt politicians and even Uptown apartments. And when the woman to my right got off the train, the woman sharing my seat started chatting with me. Yowzas!

The moral of the story? Misery breeds misery, but it also breeds conversation. Want to start a conversation on the train? Just complain about your ride.

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