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Double the fun

Nearly six years ago, when we first moved to Chicago, we lived down the street from a hole-in-the-wall, atypical Wrigleyville bar named Wrigleyville North. My husband (then fiance) and our friend Nick were regulars who affectionately called it “Country Bar” because a country band played every weekend. This band, much to Nick’s chagrin, played “Rocky Top” much too frequently.

I called it “Bad Bar.” Not because I didn’t like it. Mostly because it didn’t have much going for it in the way of ambience.

Some things don’t change. The bar is still unremarkable, but holds a place in my heart for its fond new city memories, decent jukebox, and of course, a ladies’ room with two toilets.

We never quite figured out why there are two toilets. Women don’t pee next to each other. Hmmm.

We went back to Wrigleyville North last weekend after a Cubs game as a large group. Not to hear the country band, but this time to honor Nick. Maybe it was a combination of his presence, our dear friends being in one place, and distraction pool (I’ll explain this another time), but I can’t honestly remember having so much fun at that bar.

I’d like to think that Nick is somewhere now wearing his Cubs jersey, enjoying an Old Style and shaking his head at the sound of Rocky Top.




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There’s no use crying…

…over spilled pickles.

Sad dills.

Taken at Clark St. at Polk St., Chicago.

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Living the (urban) dream

I must admit, it’s been a while. How are you?

There have been countless events the past few months that have made me pause and reflect. Some lucky and some unlucky. Most notably, I’ve had a huge change in scenery. I went from living in Logan Square and working in River North to living in South Loop and working in the Loop.

But, sometimes a change in scenery is just what you (I) need.

The views in this city are amazing. But everyday, for the past week and a half, I’ve taken in this particularly breathtaking view and realized just how lucky I am. I’m more or less living the life I’ve always imagined.

I have a sweet husband who makes me laugh everyday.

I have incredible, interesting friends who make me a better person.

I live in an amazing apartment in a delightful city.

I have a fun job that challenges me and enables me write everyday.

The only thing that would make it perfect would be having all of my family and close friends here. But alas, you can’t have it all.

So, before you throw up, I promise to post less about the sap and more about the weird.

Cheers to living the dream, whatever yours is.

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RIP Tom Hanks?


Did TMZ break news I haven’t heard yet?

Or is someone referring to Tom’s role choices in The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons? (I mean, come on, the movies weren’t that bad.)

There’s probably just a joke I’m missing. Typical.

Taken near the California Blue Line stop.

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Yo, Adrienne. This is random.

I’m typically not surprised by the random things I see left behind on a daily basis. But, Rocky Jr.’s lost gloves caught my attention, probably they were spotted in a window sill next to Japonais. A bit out of context.

Missing these?

The only explanation I can muster for these is that the only lost it on his or her way to David Barton Gym. Even so, I don’t remember seeing punching bags.

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Parking ticket fake out

If you live in Chicago, you’ve probably reached your threshold when it comes to hearing about the upcoming mayoral and city official elections.

I know I have. This, however, made me hit the breaking point:

This isn’t our car, but one of these orange slips of papers was on our windshield this morning. Our wounds still fresh from a parking ticket Joe got last weekend while ordering chicken wings, we burst into a fury upon first glance of our windshield.

Upon further inspection, we realized this was actually a flyer about voting Alderman Moreno out of office next Tuesday. It just happened to be designed too similarly to a parking ticket.

Insult to injury: February is spelled incorrectly.

Well, I suppose this advertisement worked—it got our attention, albeit in a negative way.

It seems karma is coming back to me for writing all of those “official” looking direct mail letters back in the day.


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Who is Weed Wolf?

There are a couple of burning questions that weigh heavily on my mind. Such as:

  • Did we really land on the moon in 1969?
  • How is it possible for anyone to remember all 50 state capitals or speak French fluently?
  • Is the world going to end in 2012?

Also: Who is Weed Wolf?

The latter is a question I’ve pondered since seeing this emblazoned on the side of a building at Milwaukee and Honore last summer:

(Photo via EMENFUKOS at Flickr)

Weed Wolf’s work has popped up all over Wicker Park and Logan Square. Some of the art includes a combination of a wolf, marijuana leaf and/or “2012.” But mostly it’s simply the name “Weed Wolf,” which reminds me a bit of the “Oh Shit!” graffiti around West Town.

Seen anything that looks like this?

Who are you, Weed Wolf? Are you this guy? Or this guy?

I’m guessing none of the above. Perhaps less like Teen Wolf. A friend of mine has actually met him. I guess he’s just some dude who happens to be into graffiti.

So, the mystery continues.


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