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You know you love the snow

Oh, Chicagoans! We have a love/hate relationship with snow.

We curse the constant layer of frozen white and salt’s attack on our shoes. We’re famous for using snow as an excuse for turning our apartments into winter hideouts.

But we secretly love it.

The snow is part of our identity as a city. A badge of our toughness, if you will. We’re badass enough to endure six months of winter and its six months of snow.

So, have I been surprised to hear complaints about this season’s lack of snow? Absolutely not. We feel debilitated.

For those who feel lost without wearing snow boots, here’s fix to tide you over. You’ve probably noticed, but we got a dusting this morning.

Happy 2012, everyone. The end of 2011 had me in a bit of a funk. But hopefully I’ll be seeing more of you this year.


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It’s coming…






…or whatever other silly memes are floating around. Gah!

I used to applaud Chicago for keeping its cool about the snow. But the news, online and face-to-face chatter have been crazy this time around.

All the freaking out reminds me of my high school job as a grocery store cashier. Whenever meteorologists predicted an inch or more of snow, hordes of people would clean out the bread and milk aisles out of fear of never eating again. It doesn’t snow as much in Kentuckiana (the area around Louisville where Indiana and Kentucky high five each other), so people aren’t as laid back about it. Schools inevitably get delayed or closed. The news has special coverage of the conditions. And so on.

In all seriousness, I hope everyone stays safe and keeps their cool out there. And I hope our 2011 blizzard is nothing like Snowmageddon ’09.

(Link via Jeff Cenna @jeffc76. Awesome find, sir!)

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Reasons We Live in Chicago #3: Cabs

Last week, I was hard pressed to find a good reason why we live here.

Biting wind, slippery sidewalks and snow blowing in the face…signs do not point to “yes.” They point to “I need a warmer coat.”

However, protesting the notion of standing in 7 degree weather to take two buses home, I stepped into a cab one evening and remembered how Chicago can be livable in the winter—there are vehicles out there, waiting to drive us around. We don’t have to wait on the bus. We don’t have to clean snow off our cars. We can take a cab. It’s easy.

Hail cab.

Endure the scent, for better or worse.

Oh, and pay the man (or lady).

I don’t take cabs often. It’s a rare treat. I have a foxy Focus, even though I drive her infrequently. For some reason, taking a cab feels like cheating. I’ll usually only do so if:

1. I’m feeling fancy (not too often).

2. I’m running really late (it happens).

3. I’m working really late (I can expense).

4. I’ve had a little too much to drink (i like wine).

Long story short, cabs can be smelly and/or nauseating. However, they can be a lifesaver in a pinch and a treat from time to time. And certainly, a great place to have a dance party to “Groove Is In the Heart.” That may or may not have happened.

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Viva la summer!

Dear Chicago friends,

I’ve heard a lot of folks talking smack about summer lately.

As in, we really didn’t have one. I know…we’re all disoriented because we’re not sweltering in heat or suffocating in humidity. (In the famous words of that drugged-up kid from the dentist, “Is this real life?”)

However, you know, and I know, what is right around the corner. As a result, I am clinging on to summer for dear life. Here is how I know: A band was playing outside on the roofdeck right below my bedroom window last night. I wasn’t even mad. I was actually happy that summer made this possible.

Said band.

Said band. Though only a two person band, I believe.

Since summer doesn’t officially end until September 21, I propose that we squeeze in more of this:




Because we’re just around the corner from:

Megan Boley dressed like an Eskimo.

Megan Boley dressed like an Eskimo.

These snow boots become semi-permanent in my wardrobe

Snow boots becoming a semi-permanent part of the wardrobe

Our favorite things blanketed in snow. Or make that just everything blanketed in snow

Our favorite things blanketed in snow. Or make that just everything blanketed in snow...

Potholes that could render a missing person.

...that eventually create potholes large enough to render you a missing person.

(Apologies for all the blurry iPhone photos)

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