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Living the (urban) dream

I must admit, it’s been a while. How are you?

There have been countless events the past few months that have made me pause and reflect. Some lucky and some unlucky. Most notably, I’ve had a huge change in scenery. I went from living in Logan Square and working in River North to living in South Loop and working in the Loop.

But, sometimes a change in scenery is just what you (I) need.

The views in this city are amazing. But everyday, for the past week and a half, I’ve taken in this particularly breathtaking view and realized just how lucky I am. I’m more or less living the life I’ve always imagined.

I have a sweet husband who makes me laugh everyday.

I have incredible, interesting friends who make me a better person.

I live in an amazing apartment in a delightful city.

I have a fun job that challenges me and enables me write everyday.

The only thing that would make it perfect would be having all of my family and close friends here. But alas, you can’t have it all.

So, before you throw up, I promise to post less about the sap and more about the weird.

Cheers to living the dream, whatever yours is.


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Feeling lucky?

Oh, Lady Luck. We all want to meet her one day.

How far would you go to get a little closer to Ms. Lady Luck?

To the bathroom floor and possibly to the brink of E. coli?

We had tasty Asian-fusion dinner at Ma and I tonight for my good pal Megan’s birthday. In the mothball-scented bathroom the restaurant shares with the building, I spotted this penny, head side up.

Would you pick this penny up for a little extra luck?

I didn’t.

Too much soap and sanitizer would have been required. But perhaps, by passing up on this penny, I also passed up on my next streak of good luck. Guess I’ll never know.

Would any of you brave souls picked it up?

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People live downtown?

It’s funny. When we first moved to Chicago, it seems like everyone we knew lived north, mostly within a 15-block radius in Lakeview.

Slowly, our friends began to migrate and/or populate west. Wicker Park ruled, and even we fell within its jurisdiction in nearby Ukrainian Village.

These days? It seems like everyone is moving to the Loop or South Loop.

Back when everyone lived in Lakeview, it would have been unfathomable to me as to why anyone would move downtown. It costs more for less space. Living close to work would make it dangerously convenient to stay late.

So, is the migration to the Loop and South Loop new? Or have I just reached the place in life where people my age have the means + desire to live downtown?

My guess is the latter. People have been living in the Loop and South Loop for years, much to my ignorance. With views like these in my pal’s new place, I can see the appeal:


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