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One more day, please

Tomorrow is President’s Day, and my husband is one of the lucky people who have the day off. He doesn’t even work for the government. He works for a nonprofit.

I could use one more day of the weekend, too. To be more productive. Or a little more lazy. Or have a little more fun.

Weekends seem to fall into only one of those three categories, don’t they? Crazy fun, crazy productive or crazy lazy.

I’ve found it impossible to have a crazy fun and productive weekend. And similarly, I’ve rarely had a lovely lazy weekend and gotten tons of chores done. After all, there are only three evenings and two full days to work with.

Last weekend was one of the most crazy fun ones I’ve had in a while. Here’s a taste:

First Valentine’s Day party in 17 years. Complete with interesting peeps, great pals and love potion cocktails.

Cookie exchange party with lovely ladies

Interpol show with the hubs (he hates when I call him that)

Brunch + bloody mary flights with some good pals

Which category did this weekend fall in? None of the above, really. Tackled a mountain of laundry, went grocery shopping, drank wine with some lovely people, brunched, enjoyed some alone time.

But one more day could create a tipping point into either crazy fun, crazy productive or crazy lazy.



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You look like you could use a valentine.

It’s Valentine’s Day. A Hallmark-inspired day of love and bliss. However, I haven’t heard much news of bliss lately.

In fact, a lot of people are having a rough time of it right now. Relationships ending. Very sick friends or loved ones. Lingering sniffles. Apartment frustrations. Job frustrations. Lack of time. Lack of money. Lack of inspiration. Lack of sanity. You name it, I’ve heard about it in the past few weeks. Disappointment all around.

And people’s moods these days are as gray as the polluted, slushy snow. For instance, I experienced a bus full of strangers the other day complaining communally about a girl who waited too long to get off the bus and then tried to get back on again. She was ridiculous, but the depth of griping was over the top.

It makes me sad to hear that a lot of people are having a rough time of it. I wish I could wrap my arms around everyone and say it’s going to be ok. Since I can’t, I hope this valentine I made suffices:

Don't act like you couldn't use a pirate valentine with one googly eye right now.

So, does ANYONE this Valentine’s Day have some good news? Lay it on me.


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