Whose notes?

Oh, hi there. I’m Amber. I live in Chicago. I write about my observations and adventures in Chicago. And I take pictures of things in Chicago. Mostly with my iPhone.

I’m curious about a plethora of things, including:

Fiction, nonfiction, wine, fashion, film, art, ideas, traveling, photography, kitties, high fives, cooking, running, restaurants, marketing + advertising, volunteering, where to eat the best brunch…the list continues.


4 responses to “Whose notes?

  1. David W. Baysah

    Please share with me your notes

  2. Love your blog! What a blast! Glad I found you 🙂

  3. Same here.., I’m just by the jungle, lot of things to do, see & build. Check: http://benkaminos.com

    I worked at the TJ’s -view over the lac-, still alive that good resto?

  4. love your blog! grew up in chicago and have been away in the desert for 4 years and cant wait to return back to the city i love in just a few months!

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