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People live downtown?

It’s funny. When we first moved to Chicago, it seems like everyone we knew lived north, mostly within a 15-block radius in Lakeview.

Slowly, our friends began to migrate and/or populate west. Wicker Park ruled, and even we fell within its jurisdiction in nearby Ukrainian Village.

These days? It seems like everyone is moving to the Loop or South Loop.

Back when everyone lived in Lakeview, it would have been unfathomable to me as to why anyone would move downtown. It costs more for less space. Living close to work would make it dangerously convenient to stay late.

So, is the migration to the Loop and South Loop new? Or have I just reached the place in life where people my age have the means + desire to live downtown?

My guess is the latter. People have been living in the Loop and South Loop for years, much to my ignorance. With views like these in my pal’s new place, I can see the appeal:



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Pink houses for you and me

One of my favorite things to do in any Chicago neighborhood is to wander down a tree-lined side street. I love the mix of residential architecture, especially the modern juxtaposed with vintage. Call me creepy, but I imagine how each apartment or house might be decorated and how that might reflect the people who live there.

Logan Square is particularly fun to get lost in because it’s delightfully urban, yet residential. Its buildings may not be as beautiful as Wicker Park’s or Lincoln Park’s, but the alternating row houses, new houses, apartment buildings and gorgeous mansions weave a story and inspire the renters of the world. I dream of owning one of the adorable single family homes. Daydreaming can get especially out of hand along Logan Boulevard, where the enormous mansions are taunting.

A short walking tour

This is the house that my ten-year-old self would have designed. I sincerely mean that as a compliment. There’s something whimsical and unpretentious about this house’s tall windows and playful colors. It says, Sure, I can afford an amazing single family home, but I’m not going to take my good fortune too seriously. I appreciate that.

Across the street, check this fascinating trio—a ranch house, modern house and vintage four-flat apartment building. I can only imagine an old Chicago family, artistic couple and a gaggle of hipster kids living on the same block in harmony.

I’m not sure that I’d like to live in a house that used to be a church. Lightning would strike (or another cliche) if I moved in. However, I’m curious about how this space is divided up. Hey owner, do you give tours?

If nothing else, moving to Logan Square has given me condo/house fever. I also blame Apartment Therapy. So until we save the money, I’ll dream (and wander) on.


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Mannequin…more than a killer 80s movie

It seems that everyone is sporting 80s-inspired fashion these days. Especially the kids in my neighbors.

Even the mannequins are doing it. Yep, you read this correctly. I said mannequins.

These are two fashionable mannequins. Notice the bright colors and Max Hedstrom-style shades.

These are two quite fashionable mannequins. It's hard to make out, but notice the bright colors and Max Headstrom-style shades.

Pardon the glare. I was trying not to be creepy. I think I failed.

Pardon the glare. I was trying not to be creepy with my photo taking. I think I failed.

I’m no longer surprised by the oddities I see in my neighborhood. It really is a Bermuda Triangle of Weirdness. I was surprised, however, to learn that the movie Mannequin grossed $42 million in theaters. Who would have guessed?


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Dressing to impress your neighbors

My husband Joe has experienced a style evolution. Over the last few months, he’s slowly stepped up his style, trading baseball hats and ratty t-shirts for newsboy caps and trendy man-shirts.

Upon notice, I couldn’t help but Nancy-Drew the source of this new found fashion sense. Was it a secret girlfriend? Or had he joined an underground fashion club? The realization was puzzling.

Then it came to me…we moved.

The evolution started in October when we traded Lakeview for the chicer-dressed Ukrainian Village. He’s added more fashionable clothing and accessories to his wardrobe ever since. See exhibits A–C below.

Exhibit A: Chuck Taylors and skinny jeans

Exhibit A: Chuck Taylors and dark, straight-cut jeans

Exhibit B: Trendy t-shirt

Exhibit B: Trendy t-shirt

Exhibit C: Aforementioned newsboy hat

Exhibit C: Aforementioned newsboy cap

Exhibits A-C make me wonder: does neighborhood influence style? If so, do people who live in Gold Coast feel more pressured to wear designer duds? And if you live in Wrigleyville, are you more inclined to wear sports attire? I know these are generalizations, but I have to admit that my new neighborhood has somewhat influenced my style. For example, over the last few months, my hair has moved even further away from soccer-mom bob and my jeans have gotten a bit skinnier (and it’s not because I’ve lost weight).

Does every neighborhood have a style? Or is Joe’s style evolution simply due to the Wicker Park effect?

Note: I reserve the right to mention that this was Joe’s idea. No exploitation was involved in the creation of this blog post.


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